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What Makes Riley Ramps Unique

We want our ramps to be a helpful step for our customers so that they can become confident wheeled athletes. Every aspect of our ramps was designed with our customers in mind, from its portability to durability to functionality. These are some of the benefits you get with Riley Ramps:

Practice your skills anywhere!

Easy to transport

Extremely durable and load-bearing

Easy assembly and disassembly 

Water resistant

Perfect for all ages & skill levels


Engineering & Design

Hover over each image to see how our ramps are uniquely
designed for safety, durability, and athleticism.

Slide Notch

The long notches are wide-cut to allow for easy assembly and disassembly. This spacing is optimized for strength and rigidity.

Dog Bone Relief Cut

At the end of each slide notch, you will find the Dog Bone Relief Cut. This small but crucial component allows the parts to have maximum contact.

Contact Nodule

This slightly-offset circle cut that sits inside the holes is precisely measured to have the perfect amount of contact.


Lines have been cut into the flight deck to help guide the rider in the center of the ramp.

Water Resistance

Ramp Durability

We have chosen Baltic Birch sourced from Eastern Europe. It's made of 9 plies (making this wood VERY strong) all glued together with marine grade adhesive for water resistance.

About Our Founder: Andrew Riley

BMX Beginnings

I started riding bikes in a small blue-collar town in Michigan as a 5-year old back in the 80s. I raced BMX locally, built my own rickety and unsafe ramps with wood and bricks, and spent my summers jumping curbs. BMX was huge in my town, but over time mountain biking became more popular, and I wanted to try it out.

Mountain Biking

As I got older, I transitioned to mountain biking and never looked back. I raced competitively until 2015, and at one point I was the Number 1 in my class in the Michigan Mountain Bike Point Series. Even now, I take vacations a couple times a year so I can mountain bike in exotic locations around the world.

Getting Professional

When I was a middle school mountain bike coach, I noticed that a lot of kids were scared, so I decided to become certified. My certification is recognized by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP), which has become the national standard recognized by National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

Riley Ramps is Born

One day, I was coaching my nephew and he was making quick progress. He was ready for more, so I tried to find a small jump that I could teach him to go off of. Everything I found seemed to be marketed for more advanced riders, so I decided I would just build him his own from scratch. My first prototype was pretty crude, but with a little refinement we ended up with the Ramp-Age Kick’r. 

Head Coach

Andrew Riley

Founder, CEO, & Mountain Bike Enthusiast